Cargo Berthed (delivered) i.e. Birth Certificate

See video: Truth U.C.C The Uniform Commercial Code

Informant (your mother) autographs as indictment (witness document at hospital when you were born with footprint) that you have no paternal holder of your Estate.

Registrar (Probate Judge) signs your Estate into Probate and you become a "Ward of the State"

Name is Registered; A legal Tradename is publicly registered, combining your Given and Family names (STRAWMAN)

ESTATE TRUST (Tradename)

A trade name, trading name, or business name is a pseudonym frequently used by companies to operate under a name different from their registered, legal name. The term for this type of alternative name is a "fictitious" business name. Registering the fictitious name with the relevant government body is often required.

Format is typically all-capitals as on vessel, gravestone, with a fictional title (i.e. Mr. JOHN H. DOE but can be any first and last name.

Capitis diminutio: media consisting of the loss of a person's citizenship and family. Here there is no loss of personal liberty. In capitis diminutio minima there is a medium loss of status. 3. Capitis diminutio maxima consisting of the loss of liberty, citizenship and family. The loss of a person's citizenship and family. ...Changed from one of freedom to one of bondage. JOHN HENRY DOE. [Black's law, 2nd Edition]


Formed by legalization when an artificial NAME is Registered in the law of the Sea. This Trust splits your Estate (all property) into a "legal Title" (right of possession) for the State, and an "Equitable Title" (right of use) by you.

While a legal title focuses on the duties of the property owner, equitable title refers to the enjoyment of the property. Equitable title is the benefits the buyer will get to use and enjoy when he or she becomes the legal owner. Equitable ownership is not “true ownership.”

This is a Temporary Trust because you can become "holder in due course" of your Estate. "Equitable Owner" with user's Equitable Interest.

Editors Note: There is a remedy to become "holder in due course":

"Person" NAME is a Debtor, liable for debts, surety for corporate debt. (Debtor, "Trustee", Taxpayer, Resident, Voter, "limited" "residence" "income" "address.")

This Certificate is certification of a Bond with the World Bank as Settlor of the Trust

The original Bond becomes a Security that is traded on the Market for your "value."

Foreigner: Vessel trading on the Sea of Commerce under Admiralty/Maritime law of the Sea. This registration converts your Estate into a tradeable property and puts you to work for the Foreign Situs Trust via the "NAME"

TITLE Claimed by State; False presumptions, claim and contract.

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