They Don’t Teach This in School

The Birth Certificate is an unrevealed "Trust Instrument" originally designed for the children of the newly freed black slaves after the 14th Amendment.

The CESTUI QUE VIE Trust is an account you inherited due to the bankruptcy of the U.S. in 1933 and the subsequent ceasing of all the citizens gold, silver and other assets as collateral. This account contains millions of dollars in your name. The only problem is that the government and legal system failed to inform you about it and how to access your money. In the meantime, they are drawing down on it for their own personal use and as payment to the Vatican and the English crown.

“Our problem is that we have been kept ignorant as to what we can do, other than just complain.

But, I am telling you we have discovered how to access your Social Security Number Trust”


To cover the debt in 1933 and future debt, the corporate government determined and established the value of the future labor of each individual in its jurisdiction to be $630,000. A bond of $630,000 is set on each Certificate of Live Birth. The certificates are bundled together into sets and then placed as securities on the open market. These certificates are then purchased by the Federal Reserve and/or foreign bankers. The purchaser is the "holder" of "Title." This process made each and every PERSON surety for the debt in this jurisdiction and a bond servant.

A Claim of Right and Notice of Intent provides remedy for overcoming the presumption that you are a fictitious, lifeless corporate entity and surety for the debt.

Claim of Right and Notice of Intent

"I am a living spirit and child of God. His laws subrogate all of man’s codes, regulations, laws and statutes. I live in the truth, abundance and peace of His ways. I am ineligible for the benefits of man’s system. I do not understand the complexities and deceptions of man’s laws. I do not understand or consent to corporate governance and greed. God’s creation is unlimited abundant and giving. His path is righteous, peaceful and all loving. His Spirit inspires and guides me to do no harm and to avoid fraud in all my contracts."

"None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."

In 1933 rather than gold reserves backing the dollar, people became surety for the debt in a number of different ways. One way is by a Birth Certificate when the baby's footprint is placed thereon before it touches the land. The certificate is recorded at a County Recorder, then sent to a Secretary of State who sends it to the Bureau of Census of the Commerce Department. This process converts an individual's life, labor, and property to an asset of the government when this person/citizen receives a ‘benefit’ from the government such as a driver’s license, food stamps, free mail delivery, etc.

This person/citizen [STRAWMAN] unknowingly becomes a fictional persona in commerce as evidenced by the all CAPITAL LETTER name. The Birth Certificate is an unrevealed "Trust Instrument" originally designed for the children of the newly freed black slaves after the 14th Amendment. The corporate government has the ability to tax and regulate commerce for all citizens who have not reclaimed their TITLE.

The government issued Birth Certificate is now a Registered Security, by evidence of the Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures (CUSIP) number, which initially has an estimated value of One Million dollars.

They are circulated around the world as collateral for loans and entered on the asset side of ledgers just like any other security. That is why they are initially filed with the N.Y. Securities Exchange Commission.

The central banks now have a negotiable instrument against which credit is advanced by the international funding community, namely The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and Bank for International Settlements, Bank of England, and Federal Bank of America etc.

Though not widely known, all these corporate banks and institutions, despite their names; are privately owned.

Notice: YOUR ACCOUNT set up by your BIRTH CERTIFICATE is on file at 55 Water Street, New York City. The name of the account is the CAPITAL LETTER name on the birth certificate and the account number is your Social Security Number.

In 1921, the federal Sheppard-Towner Maternity Act created the birth "registration" or what we now know as the "Birth Certificate." It was known as the "Maternity Act" and was sold to the American people as a law that would reduce maternal and infant mortality, protect the health of mothers and infants, and for "other purposes.” One of those other purposes provided for state agencies in overseeing of its operations and expenditures. What it really did was create a federal "birth registry" which exists today, creating "FEDERAL CHILDREN." This government of "Parens Patriae”, now legislates for American/Canadian children as if they are owned (via registration) by the federal government. Through the public (fool) school system families are led to believe in the importance continuing license requirements for most aspects of daily life. As a direct result these children grow up to be adults indoctrinated into believing those things necessary to carry our activities that exist in what is call a "free country.” A license = ownership/control. Why would we ever give the government ownership of our children? The insanity of it all is that we ‘register’ without even questioning it! We have been so well indoctrinated by the public ‘fool’ system. It’s just the way things are done. The ‘brainwashing’ is very effective when no one questions!

Before 1921, the records of births and names of children were entered into the family bibles, as were the records of marriages and deaths. These records were readily accepted by both the family and the law as "official records.” Since 1921, the American people have been registering the births and names of their children with the government of the state in which they are born, even though there is no federal law requiring it. The state tells you that registering your child's birth through the birth certificate serves proof that he/she was born in the united States, thereby making him/her a United States Citizen. For the past several years a social security number has been mandated by the federal government to be issued at birth.

The Social Security Number (your account number) is one of those "other purposes.” It serves as a means of lifelong tracking of the one whose name is on the birth certificate.

In 1933, the united States of America (the Corporate Government) was declared bankrupt by President Roosevelt. The governors of the then 48 States pledged the "full faith and credit" of each of their States, including the CITIZENRY AS COLLATERAL, for loans of credit from the Federal Reserve System.

To wit; "FULL FAITH AND CREDIT” the clause of the U.S. Constitution (Article IV, Section 1) which provides that the various states must recognize legislative acts, public records, and judicial decisions of the other states within the united States. It requires that foreign judgment be given such faith and credit as it had by law or usage of state of its origin. That foreign statutes are to have force and effect to which they are entitled in home state.

And that a judgment of record shall have the same FAITH, CREDIT CONCLUSIVE EFFECT, and obligatory force in other states as it has by law or usage in the state from whence taken. Black's Law Dictionary, Fourth Edition

After receiving the information of live birth and other particulars for the birth certificate accompanied by the assigned social security number, the state claims an interest in every child within its jurisdiction. The state will, if it deems it necessary, nullify your parental rights and appoint a guardian trustee) over your children. The subject of every birth certificate is a child. The child is a valuable asset which, if properly trained, can contribute valuable assets provided by its labor for many years. The child itself is the asset of the trust established by the birth certificate and social security number is the account number of the trust, allowing for the trust's assets to be tracked. Our children are owned by the state.

Each one of us, including our children, are considered assets of "bankrupt" United States Corporation6. We are now designated by this government as "HUMAN RESOURCES” born in a DELIVERY room, delivered to the state of birth by way of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE for which our INFORMER (our Mother) provides the requested information including the NAME and SOCIAL SECURITY (or tracking) NUMBER wherewith this bankrupt government is supplied with new crop of COLLATERAL born each year.

In 1923, a suit was brought against "federal officials" (corporation6) charged with the administration of the Maternity Act, who were citizens of another state, to enjoin them from enforcing it, wherein the plaintiff averred that the act was unconstitutional, and that its purpose was to induce the States to yield sovereign rights reserved by them through the federal Constitution's 10th amendment and not granted to the federal government, and that the burden of the appropriations falls unequally upon the several States held that, as the statute does not require the plaintiff to do or yield anything and no burden is imposed by it other than that of taxation, which falls not on the State but on its inhabitants, who are within the federal as well as the state taxing power, the complaint resolves down to the naked contention that Congress has usurped reserved powers of the States by the mere enactment of the statute, though nothing has been, or is to be, done under it without their consent. (Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs. Melton, Secretary of the Treasury,; Frothingham vs. Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury,

Mr. Alexander Lincoln, Assistant Attorney General, argued for the Commonwealth Massachusetts. To wit; The act is unconstitutional. It purports to vest in agencies of the Federal Government (a Corporation6) powers which are almost wholly undefined, in matters relating to maternity and infancy, and to authorize appropriations of federal funds for the purpose of the act.

Many examples may be given and were stated in the debates on the bill in Congress of regulations which may be imposed under the act; THE FORCED REGISTRATION OF PREGNANCY, GOVERNMENT PRENATAL EXAMINATION OF EXPECTANT MOTHERS, RESTRICTIONS OF THE RIGHT OF A WOMAN TO SECURE THE SERVICES OF A MIDWIFE OR PHYSICIAN OF HER OWN SELECTION, all are measures to which the people of those States which accept its provisions may be subjected. There is nothing, which prohibits the payment of subsidies out of Federal appropriations. INSURANCE OF MOTHERS MAY BE MADE COMPULSORY. THE TEACHING OF BIRTH CONTROL AND PHYSICAL INSPECTION OF PERSONS ABOUT TO MARRY MAYBE REQUIRED by Section 4 of the act, the Children's Bureau is given all necessary powers to cooperate with the state agencies in the administration of the act. Hence it is given the power of assist in the plans submitted may provide. As to what those plans shall provide, the final arbiters are the Bureau and the Board.


(1) The act is invalid because it assumes powers not Granted to Congress and usurps the local police power. McCulloch vs. Maryland, 4 Wheat. 316, 405; United States vs. Cruickshank, 92 U.S. 542, 549-551.

In more recent cases, however, the Court has shown that there are limits to the power of Congress to pass legislation purporting to be based on one of the powers expressly granted to Congress which in fact usurps the reserved powers of the States, and that laws showing on their face detailed regulations of matter wholly within the Police power of the States will be held to be unconstitutional although they purport to be passed in the exercise of some constitutional power, Hammer vs. Dagenhart, 247,259 U.S.4  The act is not made valid by the circumstances that federal powers are to be exercised only with respect to those States which accept the act, for Congress cannot assume, and state legislatures cannot yield, the powers reserved to the States by the Constitution. President Monroe, May 4, 1822;

(2) The act is invalid because it imposes on each State an illegal option either to yield a part of its powers reserved by the Tenth Amendment10 or to give up its share of appropriations under the act. A statute attempting, by imposing conditions upon a general privilege, to exact a waiver of a constitutional right, is null and void. Harrison vs. St. Louis & San Francisco R.R. Co., 232 U.S. 318; Terral vs. Burke Construction Co., 257 U.S. 529.

(3) The act is invalid because it sets up a system of government by cooperation between the Federal Government (a Corporation6) and certain of the States, not provided by the Constitution. Congress cannot make laws for the States, and it cannot delegate to the States the power to make laws for the United States. In re: Rabrer, 140 U.S. 545; Knickerbocker Ice Co. vs. Stewart, 253 U.S. 149; Opinion of the Justices, 239 Mass. 606.

The MATERNITY ACT was eventually repealed, but parts of it have been found in other legislative acts. What this ACT attempted to do was to set up government by appointment, run by bureaucrats with re-delegated authority to tax, which is in itself unconstitutional. What was once declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of this nation in the past should be upheld in a court challenge today. The constitution has not changed. What has changed is the way this government views human life.

Today we are defined as HUMAN RESOURCES, believed to be owned by the government. The government now wants us, as individuals, to be tagged and tracked. Government mandated or legislated National I.D., which is unconstitutional. Federal jurisdiction to legislate for the several states does not exist and could never survive a court challenge as shown above. Writing letters to elected public servants will not save us when we all know their agenda does not include serving those who placed them in power (servitude).

Perhaps the 10th Amendment10 of the federal constitution guaranteeing states’ rights will, if challenged, when making it known that we as individuals of the several states will not be treated as chattel of the U.S. government. If the federal government believes that they own us, and as such have the right to demand national I.D. cards, and health I.D. cards, which will in truth tag us as we tag our animals, then let them bring forth the documents to prove their authority to legislate for it.

If our God given RIGHTS to life, liberty, freedom and Pursuit of happiness, which were the foundation upon which this nation was created do not exist, and liberty and freedom is only an illusion under which the American People suffer then let the government of this nation come forward and tell the people. But ...if we are judged free, then we should not have to plead or beg before our elected public servants to be treated as such. If, in truth we are not free, then perhaps it is our duty to address this issue forthright and forthwith with the power of the pen and pray the people will awaken from their fear and slumber induced by greed.

How much are you WORTH to the CORPORATION?

The Fraud Takes Place in the Registration Process: Register (means to abandon) by joinder from private to public. Mtgage, Auto Financing, Credit Cards, Utilities, Corporate Government, Courts


1. All names on birth certificates are traded on bonds, security pools and are certificates of financial nature without disclosure to the ISSUER You and Your Mother/Father. Court cases etc. are traded on bonds of the Denationalized Aboriginal, and denationalized National of the various Republics of the World who learned their free society structure from the Ancient Indigenous peoples.

The corporate citizen is a victim of the force and duress actions of corporate agencies etc. ...through fraud.

If at all possible, never voluntarily go to court. Live men and women are never meant to be in a place designed for the business of FICTIONAL ENTITIES.

When we attend court we are deemed dead; they can only deal with legal ICTIONS/TRUSTS.

Court is for “titled persons” – judges, prosecutors, defendants, bailiffs, clerk’s cops, and attorneys. Live men and women are not recognized in court; they are not “persons” (corporations).

Social security and tax moneys are traded domestically and Internationally. This is chattel fraud but cannot be properly remedied until cancellation of adverse contracts and claims in recoupment – Reparations- International Law UN60/147 etc.…

Finding the Fraud by Account Numbers (CUSIP)

2. The CUSIP search service found here provided by the writer gets the identification number of all account numbers including court cases whether municipal, state, or federal, all birth certificate numbers all social security numbers, EIN numbers, and CUSIP numbers on social security cards, all Mortgage accounts, auto financing account numbers, credit card account numbers, utility account numbers etc... to show that the Aboriginal people and Non Aboriginal people who were forced to be corporate citizens of the United States without reserving their Aboriginal Nationality or Nationality in the various Republics have been unlawfully and fraudulently DENATIONALIZED and they have been made into state chattel collateral goods/property and goods of the United States Inc. through identity theft and identity fraud acts of denationalization, commercial fraud, and acts of genocide. This stands true for non-aboriginals who declare themselves to be Nationals of the various Republics guaranteed for the united States of America in the Constitution and also stands true Internationally.

Now you know why everyone who does business with you wants your social security number pass the debt on to the Department of Treasury Bureau of Public Debt. See

It is all Fraud on EVERY contract since the Birth Certificate.

3. This information proves that all birth certificates are financial instruments created through Commercial fraud without proper disclosure, all court cases are based on underlying bonds (the bid bond, the payment bond and the performance bond) so the court compromises its judicial duty for economic and commercial fraud and treason to foreign creditors in violation of the constitution for the united States of America and all social security cards bear a CUSIP number that identifies your bond with the United States Inc. which is forced upon Aboriginals and Nationals of the Republic through threat, duress, economic sanctions, and contractual fraud.

4. Yes, you are a voluntary slave not in violation of the 13th amendment. It was never disclosed to you that you have volunteered because the actions are actions of fraud denationalization and genocide of all Americans Aboriginals and non-aboriginals. This was done unknowingly by you and you mother and as an infant through your commercially fraudulent financial trust agreement with the federal government of the United States Inc. and other entities.

This activity unlawfully funds the genocide of Aboriginal peoples and Nationals of the Republic and stand at last as acts of Treason.

Definition of Fraud - A perversion of the truth to induce a person to part with something valuable (rights- property etc.) belonging to them using false or misleading representations.

Domestic Definition of Genocide in United States

USC Title 18 Section 1091 (a) Basic Offense.— Whoever, whether in time of peace or in time of war, in a circumstance described in subsection (d) and with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in substantial part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group as such—

(1) kills members of that group;

(2) causes serious bodily injury to members of that group;

(3) causes the permanent impairment of the mental faculties of members of the group through drugs, torture, or similar techniques;

(4) subjects the group to conditions of life that are intended to cause the physical destruction of the group in whole or in part;

(5) imposes measures intended to prevent births within the group; or

(6) transfers by force children of the group to another group; or attempts to do so, shall be punished as provided in subsection (b) Punishment for Basic Offense.

— The punishment for an offense under subsection (a) (1) in the case of an offense under subsection (a)(1), where death results, by death or imprisonment for life and a fine of not more than $1,000,000, or both; and (2) a fine of not more than $1,000,000 or imprisonment for not more than twenty years, or both, in any other case. (c) Incitement Offense.

— Whoever in a circumstance described in subsection (d) directly and publicly incites another to violate subsection (a) shall be fined not more than $500,000 or imprisoned not more than five years, or both. (d) Required Circumstance for Offenses. — The circumstance referred to in subsections (a) and (c) is that— (1) the offense is committed within the United States; or (2) the alleged offender is a national of the United States (as defined in section 101 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1101)). (e) Non-applicability of Certain Limitations.— Notwithstanding section 3282 of this title, in the case of an offense under subsection (a)(1), an indictment may be found, or information instituted, at any time without limitation.


NDISCLOSURE makes any contract VOIDABLE:

As all BANKRUPT corporations are operating For Profit, and they are not paying the Taxes that they OWE to the True American Government- "We the People"

TAX EVASION: FRAUD in Representation or Concealment in attempting to avoid payment of a Tax Legally Due. As in the case of an INCOME TAX, the filing of a return fraudulently understated in a willful attempt to evade payment Willingham v United States 289 F.2d 283 (5th Cir. 1961); Swallow v. United States, 325 F.2d 97 (10th Cir. 1963) “A felony punishable by a fine of not more than $10,000 or up to F1VE year’s imprisonment, or both. Internal Revenue Code 7201.” [The Governmental BANKRUPT Corporations are claiming exemption status as a Charitable Organization but they are in fact operating FOR UNJUST PROFITS.]

CONCEALMENT OF SECURITIES: The OFFENCE (punishable by up to SEVEN year’s imprisonment) of dishonestly Concealing, Destroying, or Defacing any valuable Security, Will, or any document issuing from a court OR Government Department for the purpose of gain for oneself or causing loss to another. Valuable securities include any documents concerning rights over property, authorizing payment of money or the delivery of property, or evidencing such rights or the satisfying of any obligation.

DISCLOSURE OF INTEREST: The DUTY of local authority members to disclose (at the time or by prior notice to the authority) any pecuniary interest they or their spouses have in any matter discussed at a local authority meeting. They MUST also abstain from speaking and voting on it.

Breach of the Duty is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE. [This includes bailment5 payments in to the retirement funds of all COURT Agents; TAX FREE or never recorded on 1099’s.

PUBLIC EMPLOYEES' RETIREMENT SYSTEM (PERS): Governmental BANKRUPT Kickbacks From the Security Interest in the fraudulent Governmental BANKRUPT Tax payments obtained from the People and their property; when the BANKRUPT STATE is already holding the Security Tax Interest Income in the Hidden Off-Budget Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Accounts.

PROCURING BREACH OF CONTRACT (Inducing Breach of Contract) The TORT of Intentionally Persuading or Inducing someone to break a contract made by him with a third party. It is actionable by the party who suffers LOSS from the Breach. [This is done when the BAR Attorneys induce you to pay TAXES out of your pocket, because you have a Contract with the STATE that they are to PAY the TAXES.]

INTERFERING WITH TRADE OR BUSINESS: The TORT of deliberately interfering with the trade or business of another person by unlawful means, thereby causing damage to that person. Liability in this TORT is wider than the TORT of *procuring breach of contract, since it is not necessary to show that an existing contract has been interfered with or broken. [SEE Title 15 USC 1&2]

torture: n. The prohibition on torture is covered under The Civil Rights Act; it is also covered by the United Nations’ Civil Rights protections, the offence of TORTURE committed by a public official (or someone with the official's acquiescence') of intentionally inflicting severe Physical or Mental Suffering on any person anywhere in the world. It carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. under this Act, the accused had a defense if he proved that his conduct was legally authorized, justified, or excusable. This right is an absolute right, and torture can never be justified as being in the public interest, no matter how great that pubic interest might be. Public authorities have a limited but positive duty to protect this Right from interference by third parties.

ward of the state: A CHILD becomes a WARD OF THE STATE when a Certificate of Live Birth or Any STATE CHILD Contract is issued is made and the STATE'S DUTY to the Ward is to pay all Bills and it remains until he/she reaches the age of majority (18 years old) OR until a court orders that he should cease to be a Ward and all Entitlements Restored to the Ward.


All courts are administering the Cestui Que Trust without you!

Roles of the CESTUI QUE VIE TRUST in a court setting:


The judge (whom is actually a magistrate) is the TRUSTEE of the CQV trust.

The clerk is the ADMINISTRATOR of the CQV trust

It is the clerk of court who is responsible for appointing the trustee and the trustee/executor for a court appearance and it’s really for constructing a constructive trust – that particular court case that you have been summoned/invited to make an appearance to attend.

The clerk of the court is the Beneficiary because the State owns you and you have no rights; “A CHILD becomes a WARD OF THE STATE when a Certificate of Live Birth or Any STATE CHILD Contract is issued.”

The clerk of court, the pseudo-beneficiary, appoints the judge as trustee (the one to administer the trust, without you) and appoints the prosecutor as trustee/executor of the trust. The prosecutor is ultimately liable for the charge because it was he/she who brought the case into court (he is the one who created the constructive trust on behalf of the State which charged the Cestui Que trust.

Only a prosecutor/trustee can initiate/create a constructive trust and we all know the maxim of law: “Whoever creates the controversy holds the liability and whoever holds the liability must provide the remedy.” This is why all attorneys are mandated to bring their check books to court because if it all goes wrong for them …meaning either they fail to transfer their liability onto the alleged defendant, or the alleged defendant does not accept their office of liability, then someone has to credit the trust account in order to off-set the debt. Since the prosecutor/trustee is the one who issues bogus paper and charges the trust, it is the Prosecutor/Executor/Trustee who is in the hot- seat.

When the NAME (the trust), e.g. JOHN DOE, is called by the Judge / Administrator / Trustee, we can stand and ask, “Are you saying that the trust which you are now administrating is the JOHN DOE trust?

This establishes that we know that the NAME is a trust, not a live man or woman. What’s the JUDGE, ADMINISTRATOR, TRUSTEE’S first question asked? “What is your name?” or “State your name for the record.” We must be very careful not to identify with the NAME of the trust because by doing so makes us the trustee “in breach” of the Trust; “the surety.” What does this tell you about the Judge? If we know that the Judge is the trustee, then we also know that the Judge is the NAME, but only for this particular constructive trust. Now, think about all the times that the Judge / Administrator / Trustee has become frustrated by our refusal to admit being the Name that they issue on a warrant or summons. They become desperate because they must get us to admit to being the NAME, or they pay, and we must not accept their threats or coercion, or we pay. Because the JUDGE, ADMINISTRATOR, TRUSTEE is the trustee – a precarious position, the best thing to say, in that case, is, “JOHN DOE is, indeed, in the court.” Point to the JUDGE, ADMINISTRATOR, TRUSTEE, “It is you as trustee, you are JOHN DOE, today, aren’t you?

Basically, courts are charging the all-caps NAME which is a TRUST. They hope that you will identify yourself as the trust – and give them access to the trust via your signature.

In the corporate Matrix, everything is held in a Public Trust, and the way the Elite get access to the trust is to CHARGE the TRUST and then get you to admit that you are the TRUST/NAME.

During their frustration over our not admitting to being a trust name—the trustee and/or executor of the trust, we ought to ask who they are. “Before we go any further, I need to know who you are.” Addressing the clerk of the court -- the beneficiary of the Cestui Que Trust owned by the State, “Are you the Cestui Que Trust trustee who has appointed this Judge as administrator and trustee of the constructive trust case #12345? Did you also appoint the prosecutor as executor of this constructive trust?” Then point to the JUDGE, ADMINISTRATOR, and TRUSTEE: “So you are the trustee,” then point to the prosecutor, “and you are the executor and I am the beneficiary, so now we know who’s who and, as beneficiary, I authorize you to handle the accounting and dissolve this constructive trust. I now claim my body so I am collapsing the Cestui Que Trust which you have charged, as there is no value in it. You have committed fraud against all laws.” Most likely it will not get that far before the JUDGE, ADMINISTRATOR, TRUSTEE will order “Case dismissed” or, even more likely, the Prosecutor, as he clings tightly in to his check book, will say, “We withdraw the charges.”

We have exposed their fraud of the Cestui Que Trust which exists only on a presumption.

Trusts are created only upon the conveyance of property and can exist only as long as there is value in the trust. But, there is no value in the Cestui Que Trust, yet they continue to charge the trust. That is fraud.

The alleged property is we, man and women, whom they have deemed to be incompetent, dead, abandoned, lost, bankrupt, or minors, but that is an illusion, so, if we claim our TITLE (the Birth Certificate), then we collapse the presumption that the trust has value. They are operating in fraud – something we’ve always known, but now we know how they do it. Our having exposed their fraud gives them only three options.

1. They can dissolve the Cestui Que Trust – the one for which the clerk of the court is Beneficiary and from which he/she created a constructive trust –the case –for which he/she appointed the Judge and Prosecutor which hold temporary liability as trustee and executor, respectively. But they cannot dissolve the Cestui Que Trust or the entire global system will collapse because they cannot exist without our energy which they obtain via that Cestui Que Trust.

2. They can enforce the existing rules of trust law which means, as trustee, they can set-off their debt and leave us alone. Now they know that we are onto their fraud and every time they go into court to administer a trust account, they will not know if we are the one who will send them to jail. The trustee (Judge) is the liable party who will go to jail, and the executor (Prosecutor) is the one who enforces this. This is why they want us to take on both titles, because then, not only do we go to jail, but also by signing their paper we become the surety, trustee in breach, and enforce our own sentence. They cannot afford to violate the ecclesiastical canon laws, out of fear of ending their careers, so they are again trapped with no place to run or hide.

3. They can dismiss the case before they even take the risk of our exposing their fraud --- which also makes no sense because then their careers, again, come to a screeching halt.


The means by which we have attempted to remedy our problems, inflicted upon us by the Powers That Be have all been superficial, compared to the origins of all the black magic, superstition, satanic ritualism, trickery, mind - control, and clandestine practices. Under commercial law, dating back to the Code of Ur-Nammu –around 2100 BC --- the use of another’s property without permission puts one into dishonor and makes him liable for any debts.

So, our using UCC forms, bills of exchange, AFV, or bonds, and altering documents of the Roman System can create penalties, as this is trading and/or using the property of a corporation we do not own …the birth certificate proves that the “NAME” is, in fact, the property of the corporation which issued it. We can do all the paper perfectly but, in the end, Without Expressing the TRUST they say, “Sorry; you’re not one of us.” But now we get to inflict fear into them. When we are forced to go to court, knowing that the Judge acts as the Trustee and the Prosecutor acts as Executor/Trustee of the Cestui Que Trust is empowering. It gives us two choices:

If we wish to expose the fraud of presumptions, by which the Cestui Que Trust still exists, then the court is the perfect opportunity to get your remedy in the judge’s chambers, by Expressing the TRUST, Everything the Judge says --- even if it sounds like a command, order, or sentence --- is actually an offer which we can choose to decline “I do notconsent; I do not accept your offer.” This is a fundamental principle of testamentary trusts …the beneficiary can accept or decline what the trustee offers.

It is a fact that the Judge / Trustee who issues a summons or arrest warrant, will have to think long and hard: “Am I willing to gamble that the man/woman who walks into my court might call me on my role of trustee and expose the fraud that the Cestui Que Trusts are still in place? constructive trust – 1) Trust created by operation of law against one who by actual or constructive fraud, by duress or by abuse of confidence, or by commission of wrong, or by any form of unconscionable conduct, or other questionable means, has obtained or holds legal right to property which he should not, in equity and good conscience, hold and enjoy. 2) A constructive trust is a relationship with respect to property subjecting the person by whom the title to the property is held to an equitable duty to convey it to another on the ground that his acquisition or retention of the property is wrongful and the he would be unjustly enriched if he were permitted to retain the property.

[Think of how the Judge and Prosecutor obtains and holds legal right to your property, that belonging to the Beneficiary (you) when they can get you to answer to the TRUST NAME in their court and thereby make you the Trustee who assumes all liability and pays the fines and goes to jail, while they become the beneficiary for unlawful enrichment for their own personal gain.]


The only thing that dead, fictional entities want from us is our life energy, and they can only get that with our consent. They cannot function without us, so they want to get us into court to pay the debt which they created by charging the trust/NAME.

Common law courts no longer exist. The case has nothing to do with live men and women or “facts” so anyone who testifies (talks) about the facts of the case is doomed.

All courts operate in trust law, based upon ecclesiastical canon law; that manifests as commercial law, and we are in court to take the hit if they can get us to give them our consent.

To do this they use every trick in the book; intimidation, fear, threat, ridicule, rage, and even recesses to change the jurisdiction when they are losing, to make us admit that we are the NAME of the trust – the trustee – the one liable for administering the trust.

Therefore, until now it has been a waste of our time and energy to go to a place where it is almost certain that you, the real man, will be stuck with the liability.

We are told in our public-school indoctrination that judges are impartial, and have sworn an oath to this effect; that he must not favor the defendant or plaintiff. But experience shows otherwise – that he favors the plaintiff –a glaring conflict of interest.

The prosecutor, judge, and clerk (the cleric) all work for the state – the owner and grantor of the CESTUI QUE TRUST and the owner of your TITLE (the Birth Certificate) he case is not about “justice” – it’s about administering a trust.

They represent a trust owned by the state and, if we are the Beneficiary, the only two positions left are the executor and the trustee.

The fact that they are operating in fraud, gives them only three options. 1) They can dismiss the case before they risk their fraud being exposed. 2) Or they can set-off the debt and leave us alone or  3) They can dissolve the Cestui Que Trust case – but they cannot dissolve the Cestui Que Trust itself – or the entire global system will collapse, for they cannot exist without our energy which they obtain via that Cestui Que Trust, and they do not want to disperse the trust funds to the Beneficiary, who is you.

Now that they know that we are onto their fraud, every time they go into court to administer a trust account, they will not know if we are ones who will send them to jail. The trustee / judge is the liable party who will go to jail, and the executor / prosecutor must enforce this.

This is why they want us to accept both titles, executor / trustee, then not only do we go to jail, but by signing their paper we become the executor who enforces our own sentence.

They cannot afford to violate the ecclesiastical canon laws out of fear of ending their careers, so they are trapped with no place to run.

So what’s a court clerk to do? Soon none of these thugs will take any cases because the risk is too great. This will be the end of the court system.

Under commercial law – since the Code of Ur-Nammu (circa 2100 BCE) – the use of another man's property without his permission puts the user into dishonor making him liable for any accrued debts.

So our use of UCC forms, bills of exchange, AFV or bonds, FRN’s and other documents of the Roman System can create penalties, for this is trading with and using property which we do not own, because the birth-certificate “NAME” is the property of the corporation which issued it. We can process our papers perfectly, but in the end they say “Sorry, you're not one of us because you’re real, and we’re not – we’re a fiction.”

But now we get to inflict fear onto them instead. When we are forced into court, knowing that the judge is the trustee and the prosecutor is the executor of the Cestui Que Trust is empowering.

It gives us two choices” We can expose the fraud of presumptions by which the Cestui Que Trust exist – and have them dissolve it because the Trustee is the judge sitting on the bench. Dissolving one Cestui Que Trust dissolves them all.

We can know that everything the judge says – even if it sounds like an order, command, or a sentence -- is an “offer” that we can refuse to accept by saying, “I do not consent." "I do not accept your offer.”

This is the Key principle of testamentary trusts – the beneficiary can accept or decline the offers of the trustee. [end report]


People are beginning to understand that most people are controlled slaves.

Our my goal is to change that. If you don't already, you will come to understand that the government, corporations, and other 'legal persons' (fictions) can only deal with other fictional 'legal persons' and NOT the real, living breathing 'individual who lives among the several states in common law. To the government, this 'individual' who is 'YOUR NAME' is effectively dead and doesn't exist. Only the corporate fiction which is represented by 'YOUR NAME' is alive and well, in their eyes.

This 'legal person' is thus regulated, controlled and dominated by the corporate bylaws (legislative code), which otherwise wouldn't apply to 'first-middle: last' as the individual. Don't worry, if you don't understand this yet, you will. The truth will set you free!

To take another tact, and putting the aforementioned aside, we can start a whole new life on the 'other side of the fence'. We call this 'creating a parallel existence'. You can maintain your current status if you feel a need to do so.

By creating a parallel existence on 'the other side' you'll be able to spread your wings and fly!

Informant (your mother) autographs as indictment (witness document at hospital when you were born with footprint) that you have no paternal holder of your Estate. Registrar (Probate Judge) signs your Estate into Probate and you become a "Ward of the State" Title-created-by-state.html

Your Mother, a woman, a living soul, created by God, of flesh and blood, very much alive; went into the "foundling" (a safe place to abandon a child) hospital believing she would get care but instead was falsely declared indigent, a pauper. Important: See Full Report Here

There are 3 key reasons why the secret political faction (cabal) masquerading as government can lawfully maintain their control. Explained in plain English here:

Legal Way To Discharge Debt Per HJR 192

Who is the beneficiary of the original STRAWMAN trust? The beneficiary changes each time a new trust is created. You are the original beneficiary though, If you choose to use your beneficial interest. If you choose not to use it, the citizens of the state that created it are the beneficiaries. This is part of the Highest and Best Use principle. If the property is not being put to its highest and best use, it can be “borrowed” for a time and put to better use. You have not been using it. You have not filed any claims against it, so why should it just sit there not being used? This first trust was created for your benefit, it you choose to use it. Remember, the reason the first party (creator) creates a trust, is for the second party (trustee) to manage the trust corpus for the benefit of a third party (beneficiary).

Important NOTICE: "At 18 you can claim the Legal TITLE over your Estate (all property) by becoming Beneficiary of the Foreign Situs Trust (NAME)." "How do you do that?" you ask. By Moving TITLES in Trusts; Functioning As Commerce. See: Information on how the Cestui Que trust was formed and the trust has gone dead and they are construing the trust and operating the trust without you. With this material provided here you can straighten this out as beneficial owner with ultimate "Controlling" interest. Contact Kenneth 401-556-7505 10AM - 6PM EST See:


5 bailment: A delivery of goods or personal property, by one person to another, in trust for the execution of a special object upon or in relation to such goods, beneficial either to the bailor or bailee or both, and upon a contract, express or implied, to perform the trust and carry out such object, and thereupon either to redeliver the goods to the bailor or otherwise dispose of the same In conformity with the purpose of the trust. Watson v. State, 70 Ala. 13, 45 Am. Rep. 70; Com. v. Maher, 11 Phila. (Pa.) 425: McCaffrey v. Knapp, 74 111. App. 80; Krause v. Com., 93 Pa. 418, 39 Am. Rep. 702; Fulcher v. State, 32 Tex. Cr. R. 021, 25 S. W. 025. See Code Ga. 1882.


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6GOVERNMENT CODE TITLE 2. JUDICIAL BRANCH SUBTITLE A. COURTS CHAPTER 29. MUNICIPAL COURTS SUBCHAPTER A. GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 29.001. DEFINITION. In this chapter, "municipality" means an incorporated city, town, or village. Acts 1985, 69th Leg., ch. 480, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1985. Sec. 29.002. CREATION. A municipal court is created in each municipality.

A reference in state law to a "corporation court" means a "municipal court."

RIGHTS WITHOUT THE POWER TO ENFORCE ARE EMPTY PROMISES RIGHTS =AUTHORITY According to the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” However, the employees of this so-called government are incompetent to act as a governmental authority, because they obviously do not understand that the purpose of government is to secure the rights of men rather than to negate them.

10 "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Attorneys do not know how the system works, due to their indoctrination. If you can find an attorney who will do as you say then you will prevail, but most attorneys would rather keep their BAR cards, rather than behave in honor. Providing information on how the Cestui Que trust was formed and the trust has gone dead and they are construing the trust and operating the trust without you. With this material provided here you can straighten this out as beneficial owner with ultimate "Controlling" interest.

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