Declaration of the People of the United States for Global Peace and Prosperity


--Birth Certificate

The Birth Certificate is An Unrevealed Trust Instrument

The Birth Certificate Bond Explained.pdf

Birth Certificate; TITLE Created By State

Minnesota Rule 220 (Birth Certificates)

Affidavit of Ownership Example.docx

The original STRAWMAN trust, Mom was the Exchanger / Trustor / Settlor

Youtube Video: The Creation of the Birth Certificate Trust

--Does The Hospital Give You Your Baby's Birth Certificate?  With your Certificate of Birth, you have the superior claim! See: Your-Baby's-Certificate-of-live-birth.pdf

Declaration of the People of the United States for Global Peace and Prosperity


--Rule of Signatures See: Rule of signatures

Suggested Autograph Block


--This Location is not proper service

NOTICE: The fictitious/artificial person you seek does not reside at this location, nor is there a fiduciary or liable party at this location. i.e.: This location is not proper service. See NOTICE here


--Accepted for Value Express the Trust

Accepted for Value

Agree with your adversary quickly...


-- The Cestiu Que Trust

How Was the Cestui Que Trust Formed?

Nature of the Rights of the Cestui Que Trust.pdf

How to settle the Cestui Oue Trust video --

Your Mother, a woman, a living soul, created by God, of flesh and blood, very much alive; went into the "foundling" (a safe place to abandon a child) hospital believing she would get care but instead was falsely declared indigent, a pauper. Important: See Full Report Here

The Story of the Fraud of the Cestui Que Vie Act


-- Payment Bond, Performance Bond, and Bid Bond

Payment Bond, Performance Bond, and Bid Bond


-- Foreclosure/Debt Collector

Acknowledgement of Debt Letter




DYI Credit Repair



Gilbert Law Summmaries on Trust

The Presumption of Summons

Government Agents Immune From Prosecution


-- Criminal Court Case --

Accept the Charges

Moving Titles in Trusts: Functioning as Commerce

Express the Trust and You Become the Beneficiary Instead of the Trustee in Breach of the Trust.

UCC-1 Financing Statement


-- Your Remedy to Win Your Court Case is to enter by Special Appearance and Discharge

Discharge Mortgages, Car Loans, Credit Card Debt, IRS Tax Bills, Student Loans...and Utility Bills

HJR-192 all debts are pre-paid

see also: Law of Trusts

Beneficiary Trustee Status in Court Cases.pdf




Moving Titles in Commerce update (work in progress)

15597548845-ellwood-arrest-judge-07-29-21-part-1 and 2.mp3

Audio Update May 23, 2022


-- Facts You May Not Know

Report--Facts You May Not Know

Legal Fraud Perpetrated On All Americans for the Last 200 Years

Our Relationship To Government

Hamdan Brief for US common law of war.pdf

The Use of a UCC-1 Financing Statement

Legal Way to Discharge Debt Without AFV/RFV

Rule of Signatures

Example SS-5 (the trust was formed with you as Grantor)

Minnesota Rule 220 (Birth Certificates)

Video: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: Secret Societies

Youtube Video: The Creation of the Birth Certificate Trust

On June 5, 1933, Congress enacted HJR-192 to suspend the gold standard and to abrogate the gold clause. HJR-192

The BAR is about to be taken down worldwide the enormous fraud is about to be revealed. read more: American Bar Association and Lawyers:

Why You Should Never Hire An Attorney




Free Men want the Bar Association to be abolished, and the Commercial and Common Law Systems of the United States of America and its Constitution to be totally reinstalled. see: What All Free Men Want




Who is Running America?.pdf








-- Stop Any Civil/Criminal Court Case

Agree with your adversary quickly...

Accept the Charges Letter




-- Get Out of Jail

(only where there is no injured party)

All crimes are commercial and have a commercial value to them.

All criminal prosecution is for the purpose for raising revenue for the United States. Related


My research has uncovered a significant error in the criminal code.

The federal TITLE 18 criminal code was codified in 1909, again in 1940, and again in 1948. In 1909 and 1940 the jurisdictional section for federal courts only authorized prosecution under TITLE 18 crimes, not under drug crimes or IRS crimes. The 1940 statute, 18 USC 546, was never repealed or amended.

That statute, which is still valid, only authorized prosecution for 1909 TITLE 18 crimes, nothing for U.S.C. United States Code TITLE 21 DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION AND CONTROL or TITLE 26 INTERNAL REVENUE CODE.

see report here:



-- Child Recovery

Revocable Trust




-- About Subrogation

What is Subrogation?

The substitution of one thing for another, or of one person into the place of another with respect to rights, claims, or securities. Subrogation denotes the putting a third person who has paid a debt in the place of the creditor to whom he has paid it, so as that he may exercise against the debtor all the rights which the creditor, if unpaid, might have done. The equity by which a person who is secondarily liable for a debt, and has paid it, is put in the place of the creditor, so as to entitle to make use of all the securities and remedies possessed by the creditor, in order to enforce the right of exoneration as against the principal debtor, or of contribution against others who are liable in the same rank as himself.

See Also: Subrogation

See Also: Subrogation of Your Rights.html




-- Stop Foreclosure

Agree with your adversary quickly...

Acknowledgement of Debt Letter




-- Novation

Legal Definition of Novation

Novation of an Existing Contract



-- New Time Quantum Grammar

Why Your Legal Name is Written in All CAPITAL LETTERS

Punctuate your name (i.e. jones: john-henry) because it makes you a fact, not an adjective pronoun FICTION; and Other Facts You May Not Know




The Democrats 16 Year Plan to Destroy America

Barack Obama (8yrs) Goal: Weaken America Globally.

Hillary Clinton (8yrs) Goal: Destroy USA; Rise NWO

See Details Here: The 16 Year Plan to Destroy America




--Special Reports For Your Information

You Will Never Win in Their Courts.pdf

Why You Should Never Hire an Attorney.pdf

When a County Clerk Refuses to Record.pdf

“Fear not, you are getting your country back better than you’ve witnessed in your lifetime”

Solari Report Forms for COVID-19 Injections Available as Downloadable PDFs

Example Affidavit of Ownership




To resolve a judicial misjustice




Med-Bed Bio-Healing


============================= website is here to provide information on how the Cestui Que trust was formed and the trust has gone dead and they are construing the trust and operating the trust without you. With this material provided here you can straighten this out as beneficial owner with ultimate "Controlling" interest.