The legal method to establish your sovereignty and Freedom is through the use of a UCC-1 Financing Statement. By properly and legally recording this “instrument”, you become the Holder in Due Course of your persona, thereby removing yourself from your current legal status as commercial chattel property. Some States have their own versions of a UCC-1 Financing Statement and will only accept these versions. You should obtain one from your own State or local County clerk. Many State and local UCC filing officers have now adopted the National Financing Statement UCC1 Form developed by the International Association of Corporate Administrators (IACA) as a replacement for the various UCC-1 forms. For Texas UCC 1 Financing Statement

For your state check with the Secretary of State’s website and you will find information and costs to file.

A UCC-1 is a security agreement on property that is recorded to protect the lender’s, or secured party’s, investment. The basic information required is:

Secured party’s name, Debtor’s name Debtor’s signature Secured party’s address Debtor’s mailing address Statement indicating types of, or describing the items of, collateral.

General Notes: An enforceable UCC-1 should be typed. Many states will reject hand-written forms. You MUST provide two originals if you expect the State to return a certified and recorded (conformed) original back to you. Copies are not acceptable proof if you need to assert your sovereign Rights to the “system” once you have filed this instrument. Any multiple addresses of the “Debtor” should be included as additional locations in the spaces provided (you will be charged an extra fee for each address). This is useful when you have lived in more than one State over the past 5 years. Make sure that you file the UCC-1 Financing Statement in the State where your Birth Certificate was issued as well as in the State where you are now located.

Although not required, we recommend you attach a copy of your Birth Certificate (with your name spelled in all capital letters). Also remember that most States require that you renew or re-file the UCC-1 every five years. Make sure it is always renewed and legally current. The fees for recording vary from State to State. If married, we also recommend both the husband and wife file a Financing Statement in the State where they were married.

A wife should show both her married and maiden names as two separate Debtors on the same Financing Statement. Her maiden name reflects the Birth Certificate persona, while her marriage surname (literally “extra name”) reflects her Marriage Certificate persona.

Item C – Here is where you will want the State to mail your second certified and file marked original to. Use proper English with upper and lower case letters as shown. If you no longer have your own commercial address and are located in general delivery, use the commercial box or address of a friend. Before the street address, make sure you put “c/o” signifying that this commercial address is not yours. Always place the Federal Postal Code in brackets as shown. The Rules of English Grammar state that anything written within brackets signifies nothing.


Item 4 – Fill this in as shown or with very similar wording. If your State form has no provision for a separate DOB entry, put the DOB here also.

Item 5. Check box [AG. LIEN] and NON-UCC FILING

Item 6. check box [This FINANCING STATEMENT is to be filed [for record] (or recorded) in the real estate records.

Item 7. no boxes checked

Item 8. type in the following: Recording as Deed of Trust [Registered Owner Signature]: Grantor John: Henry-Doe  


example-UCC-1 state registrar.pdf


Find out from your present State and your birth State how much the filing/recording fee is. Send a money order with the two originals to the address they give.

Part VII: Summary and Conclusions

The most powerful contract in the world is the UCC-1 Financing Statement. It’s the ultimate modern-day legal foundation of commerce. It’s the culmination and conclusion of a centuries long refining process within Commercial Law. As all law is contract, this Affidavit is the shining star of commercial legalism. All you are, all you do, and all you think is controlled by this legal Affidavit. It quietly penetrates into your worldly life to control every aspect of your being. It has made you a servant and slave to the Holder in Due Course of your life. It controls you and strips you of your God-inherent sovereignty. It has stripped away your Freedom and Liberty. It’s your contract of complete servitude to the World Power Brokers (WPB).

The Financing Statement currently held by the Real Party of Interest and Holder against your earthly life, your past and future labors, and all your property and goods is absolutely legal and binding. The security instrument of this presumed contract is your Birth Certificate. The WPB bankers presently hold title to your persona and all that you are. You are the collateral for the debt held against your Birth Certificate. However, this contract was established by illegitimate and unlawful presumption and it is an implied contract. Your failure to rebut, refute, challenge, or counter-claim against this presumption is the reason you have the current legal status of commercial chattel property.

The WPB bankers have conquered and enslaved the world only because of the ignorance, apathy, and legal default of each “person” they hold in servitude. You are the only real being on the face of the earth with the legal Right, knowledge, power, or duty to speak for yourself. No-one else can assert your Rights. No lawyer, attorney, agent or representative can redeem your Rights for you. If you fail to assert your Rights, you have legally bound yourself and agreed to be a slave, subject to the wishes and whims of your task masters.

This has happened to you simply because of your failure to challenge their presumption, regardless of how unlawful or immoral it may be. The State (artificial government entities) can and will continue to act against your “straw man”, or persona, only if they continue to hold title due to your failure to redeem it. Failure to redeem or re-claim your title is a legal approval and consent to the presumption that the State is the de facto owner and holder of title to your “straw man” [de facto– In point of fact: actual. Opposed, de jure– by right, rightful]. Don’t forget that your persona and your real physical being are united and bound together by the same implied contract and presumption. Any subject belonging to a sovereign has no “standing in law” to assert their Rights. The “system” has the legal contractual Right to treat you any way it chooses, regardless of how immoral or unfairly.

When you file a UCC-1 Financing Statement against your “straw man”, it completely rebuts (repels) all presumptions of claim to your persona by anyone other than you. At the same time, your rebuttal affidavit itself becomes un-rebuttable. The legal reasoning and “law” behind this is simple: Any future claims to a legal contract between you and attackers against your sovereignty is impossible because there never was a bona fide contract in the first place. This is because there was no mutual agreement made with full disclosure, a meeting of the minds, or good faith. You are, both legally and Lawfully, the Holder in Due Course of your own sovereignty. Whatever you choose to do, or not do, is always presumed to be your choice. If you fail to repel their implied contract that makes you subject to their system, they have on their side the legal Rule of Presumption that says you chose to act as you did, having full knowledge of the law. The exact same legal principles that have worked against you can work for you, but only when you rebut their presumption and re-claim your sovereign status.

In all law, you are either a complete servant Debtor or a purely sovereign Creditor. There is no such status as a half-debtor or half-creditor. Any type of action, other than the elimination of the presumption of ownership, leaves you in the same legal status of a servant and Debtor.

The only legal method available to repel and rebut the bankers’ presumption of claim against you is by filing and recording, in your real, physical, biological, and sovereign capacity, a Financing Statement in the office of any and every State Secretary of State who lays claim and title to your persona. By filing this instrument of claim, you are also securing all other government based documents with your Financing Statement. Only a sovereign holds sovereign and allodial title to his property and goods. If you reclaim self-ownership, neither the WPB bankers nor anyone else in legal existence can perfect or complete a claim against you. They may try, but once they have knowledge of your perfected Financing Statement, they cannot continue as they no longer have a “standing in law” as sovereign over the real you or your persona.

The World Power Brokers have attained their current “ownership” of the modern world after re-refining the Law Merchant for thousands of years. In their own earthly wisdom, they have made everything they did “legal” according to man’s laws. However, life dictates that there are two sides to all things, and this includes laws, rules, process, codes, and regulations. If any law is used in one way, such as against you by your default, it can also be used in the opposite way, such as by your correct use of them.

A timeless and universal maxim of law states Lex semper dabit remedium - The law always gives a remedy. The legal merchants of commerce must leave you a “way out”, a back door for escape. If they don’t, then their legitimacy and legal authority becomes a sham and this would destroy their purported law.

No sovereign can rule without the majority consent of the People. Power always has and always will reside in and with the People. People become enjoined to servitude simply because they have chosen to give their power away rather than retain it. Such is the demise in America. If a sufficient number of People in any country become aware of the truth and re-claim their power, no tyrant or government can maintain a sovereign position.

Once you have filed a Financing Statement establishing the real and sovereign you as the Secured Party, you will hold an exclusive claim on your persona or “straw man”. This places you at the top of the list of Creditors, number one, numero uno, above the governments and their “system”. You have ownership to your persona and no one can attach a claim to either of you. This makes you a legal sovereign, a legal freeman, and immune from all claims.

We were not supposed to have knowledge or understanding concerning the open back door of legal remedy. Before 1862, Americans were personally accountable for their actions in common law courts based on the original common law of England (prior to 1066). Currently, personae are legally owned property of the government and have become the “accountable parties” as pre-judged and enforced by their private legal system and its Rules. Former sovereign Americans are now “ personally accountable” because they are joined by implied contracts to their “straw men”. The purported judicial courts of today are set up to deal only with artificial entities, such as your persona or a corporation. A sovereign, the real you, the Good and Lawful Christian, has no place in a contemporary court of commerce and cannot be legally accommodated. Their commercial legal venue is not the venue of a sovereign.

Anyone who intends to follow the material presented within this project report must do so only after having a thorough understanding of what has been presented and how their “system” works. You must obtain knowledge beyond what we have written here. Our report is a mere outline. Spend time in studying the UCC until you comprehend how it works. We suggest very strongly that you begin reading, from front to back, A to Z, a good Law Dictionary. Think of this as language lessons in order for you to recognize, understand, and speak “legalese”.

In conclusion, we take you back to the opening paragraph of the Introduction: “But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty” – 1 Corinthians 2:27. Without God’s Wisdom, you will never be able to grasp the breadth and height of what has taken place. Man, in his worldly wisdom, thinks that he can fool anyone. The Wisdom of the Lord is foolishness to men, just as the wisdom of men is foolishness to God. Legalistic wisdom looks to the letter of the law, but God’s wisdom looks to the meaning. You should do nothing without taking time to pray about this material, the meanings within it, and the Truths revealed. Only after this should you proceed to utilize what you have learned. We also suggest you share this material with other Christians and discuss the legal as well as Spiritual characteristics that apply.

See Also: Rule of Signatures

Example SS-5 (the trust was formed with you as Grantor) website is here to provide information on how the Cestui Que trust was formed and the trust has gone dead and they are construing the trust and operating the trust without you. With this material provided here you can straighten this out as beneficial owner with ultimate "Controlling" interest.

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