-- If There is no Harmed Party

All crimes are commercial and have a commercial value to them.

COMMERCIAL CRIMES: Any of the following types of crimes (FEDERAL OR STATE): Offenses against the revenue laws; burglary; counterfeiting; forgery; kidnapping; larceny; robbery; illegal sale or possession of deadly weapons; prostitution (including soliciting, procuring, pandering, white slaving, keeping house of ill fame, and like offenses); extortion; swindling and confidence games; and attempting to commit, conspiring to commit, or compounding any of the foregoing crimes. Addiction to narcotic drugs and use of marijuana will be treated as if such were commercial crime."

All criminal prosecution is for the purpose for raising revenue for the United States. Now you'll have a better understanding of why people are in jail, why they are in prison, why they are on probation and why they are charged with everything from jaywalking on up through murder one. An American soldier who dies in Afghanistan and Iraq probably carries a $10 million life insurance on him carried by our government.

After all, every soldier, marine, or air force person is an asset to the United States . They have a huge investment in that particular soldier and his activity and it can explain why it is that the US is not so anxious to withdraw its troops from that area. It's a money making activity and they don't want to talk about the fact that they are making money on death and that they are making money from the incarceration and imprisonment of many otherwise good hearted people whom have not necessarily committed otherwise SERIOUS crimes.

They have a rule called the 144 holder. The rule is that they can't sell private investment securities that are not registered. The rule prohibits them from selling the prison bonds. They have to wait 6 months before they can sell a certain quantity of private securities without being registered, selling them as private securities. Basically there are 8 people on the board of directors o f CCA (*Corrections Corporation of America *) *Joseph E. Russell*, the top holder, and *John M Ferguson*. Russell owns 64,000 shares of CCA stock which is worth about $70 million. Ferguson owns 34,000 shares valued at about $37 million. *Fidelity Management and Research* is the top stock holder, the top investment firm that is selling the bonds as investment securities. They pool them and sell them as mortgage backed securities. Also when they pool them, they sell them as mutual funds on the stock market. By "pooling" we mean the securities on the inmates.

What they are doing is they are actually taking the mortgage backed securities, which are really bid bonds, performance bonds and payment bonds. They pool these bonds and when they pool them together they call them mortgage backed securities. They take these to be announced (TBA) is a term describing forward-settling mortgage-backed securities (MBS) trades. ...the securities are announced 48 hours prior to the established trade settlement date. Which is the Bond Market Association. It's an actual market for bonds. Anytime a bond is issued there has to be an underwriter. The bonds have to be underwritten. Bonds that are issued have to be indemnified so there has to be surety to indemnify the bonds. The brokerage houses and the insurance companies indemnify the bonds. They're called surety companies.

After the surety companies indemnify the bonds, which is underwriting them, they do this through an investment banker or the banks themselves do this. They job it out to them. They buy up all these shares and turn around and sell them as investment securities. The shares represent the stock which represent the account of Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). All of this has been funneled through CCA. What they are doing is selling stock in the prison system by selling the prisoners' accounts as securities through the securities exchange. They are making huge amounts of money off it. They privatize the prisoners' accounts and bring all these investors in and what they are doing is underwriting all these prisoner's accounts (bonds). This is after the surety company guarantees the bonds. Then they are underwritten through an investment bank or banker. Then they are put out on the market and resold to the public. In other words the banks are buying up all the shares and then they resell them as investment securities to the public. The public then buys them as mutual funds or they can buy them as debt instruments, equity instruments. What they are really doing is they are buying up debt instruments. They are using the fiscal accounting cycle of accrual and they sell the prisoner's 'capital and interest' as it is called in accrual accounting. They resell these to the public because the prisoner did not do full settlement and closure on the account.

They sell the prisoner accounts as a commercial dishonor and sell it to the public as a commercial dishonor. When you go in the courts they always say they are operating under a statute jurisdiction. The Black's Law Dictionary 4th edition says a statute is a bond or obligation of record. That's what all the criminal statutes are ...bonds or obligation of record. Go in and read the definition of a recognizance bond and you find that it is a bond or obligation of record. They are selling bonds. They are charging prisoners under a bond; the prisoner signs the bond and the bond becomes the agreement for the payback. This is done when the prisoner signs the final court papers at a sentencing hearing. END

Do you want to stop a court case against you fast? Applies to Civil or criminal - unless there is damaged party present. Consider this concept and study well.

You already have your status IF you are the one asking the right questions. Where is a man with a claim and I will settle. We are moving away from discussing those concept in that context. Do your homework on this. Know the term " subrogation " AND WHAT IT Means in relation to your position as a man/beneficiary - and why it matters in court cases BEFORE you use this concept. This is just an introduction.

Using CUSIP for Criminal Court Cases where there is no injured party, i.e. UNITED STATES v. JOHN H DOE or PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. DOE. In other words where the Plaintiff is the FICTION.

With a CUSIP securities report, you can use it to offset and discharge the case and settle the accounts, claims, complaints, and charges.


-- Your Remedy to Win Your Court Case is to Accept the Charges

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Agree with your adversary quickly...

Accept the Charges



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My research has uncovered a significant error in the criminal code.

The federal TITLE 18 criminal code was codified in 1909, again in 1940, and again in 1948. In 1909 and 1940 the jurisdictional section for federal courts only authorized prosecution under TITLE 18 crimes, not under drug crimes or IRS crimes. The 1940 statute, 18 USC 546, was never repealed or amended.

That statute, which is still valid, only authorized prosecution for 1909 TITLE 18 crimes, nothing for U.S.C. United States Code TITLE 21 DRUG ABUSE PREVENTION AND CONTROL or TITLE 26 INTERNAL REVENUE CODE.



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