It is the duty of the people to stand up as the faithful and wise stewards --Luke 12:42

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil --Ephesians 6:11

Whenever you register anything it means you’re giving it away; whenever you apply for anything it means you are begging; so in the Kingdom of Heaven, where we are living, we don’t beg.

And we don’t give things away. Like our rights or our children.

Well, how does this happen? It happens when your Mother signs the birth certificate; unknowingly she is registering her child over to the state. Where the state claims jurisdiction over the child the child is then a "ward of the state" and the state does legally have jurisdiction over your children and over you.

If your Mother signed that birth certificate she signed you over to the state.

That’s why the agents can come and kidnap you or your children.

That’s how CPS works, that’s how agents of the state work; they’re not doing anything illegal, becaise they "own you."

There is a maxim of of equity and it is this;

"equity will not aid a volunteer"

So what have we done here? We have volunteered away our rights either knowingly or unknowingly; no, there was not full disclosure, and there should have been.

So there is something called REPUDIATION100, where you can exit the Corporation; you reclaim your rights by saying “I do not agree to these contracts” because they are basically saying that it is slavery.

100to decline, refuse, reject, and spurn, to turn away by not accepting, receiving, or considering," repudiate implies a casting off or disowning as untrue, unauthorized, or unworthy of acceptance.

It is whoever holds that certificate, that birth certificate, which is a trust, a TITLE, it is a TITLE whatever property is listed on that birth certificate for that TITLE; whoever created it it is claiming jurisdiction or “ownership” over "you," over said property.

Nobody is supposed to be owned.

If we have owners it’s GOD ALMIGHTY. Not some random man or woman that we’ve never met that’s claiming ownership over us and wanting us to be in debt to an illegal taxation system that is not for our benefit. where all we are given a few crumbs; a couple of road repairs and some public school system that is designed to indoctrinate our children into being a part of the regime.

So parents God bless you; reclaim your property (your property is your body; your property is your children).

It's an actual fact that we are the beneficiaries of said property.

Unless we go in and stake our claim and we recognize that we are the “owners” and not the “state.” They own you and you are "a ward of the state."

I know people that have done these procedures and are living successfully in the private sector. It doesn’t make you untouchable but it does make you less likely to be sought after because you are now the one who has standing. And the classes we teach about status standing and jurisdiction, a REPUDIATION or any false claims that have been made against you you can read but and reject and disavow by saying it’s not true because it is not.

Nobody owns us.

God owns us. If anybody is going to own us it’s GOD ALMIGHTY. 

Unless we consent, and that’s the caveat, that’s part of free will here, so we have free will we can either choose and volunteer away our rights or we can choose to stand.

This is not for the weak minded or the faint of heart.

I would never recommend for anyone to do this process unless it was in their heart and soul to do it.

But for me it was. And so I did go through the REPUDIATION process. And I felt like it was a calling from GOD ALMIGHTY; to say no, you’re not allowed to assume that I’m a ward of the state.

I declare and decree that I am a free man/woman, a child of God, a Spirit filled living soul created by the Most High God.

I want everyone to know who they are and what has happened here.

It’s been a travesty now there is a way out.

The devil has a ploy; but God has a plan.

There are tools that you can use and you can learn this process to stand up; to what you know is true, and right and good and righteous.

And enough of this; from the ones who are attempting to trick us into believing we are less than; that we have to bow down to a false master or that we are not worthy of the love of God.

I can assure you we are!

Please learn about the REPUDIATION process; Correcting your status; Create a lawful repudiation. The recording and mailing process. Correct lawful words and how to use them. How to navigate jurisdictions. How to handle court matters administratively. The importance of developing one's standing.
... and so much more...

For more information Contact Us Providing information on how the Cestui Que trust was formed and the trust has gone dead and they are construing the trust and operating the trust without you. With this material provided here you can straighten this out as beneficial owner with ultimate "Controlling" interest.

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