"You must punctuate your name in order for your given name be a fact not an adjective pronoun (FICTION)."

Here's why:

With permission.

 By: Anna Theresa Balash, B.A. English, M.S. Education.

A name is considered a proper noun, a noun being a person, place, or thing. Note the word "person," and not live being. Interesting, as "person" is a corporate identity, or id-entity, correct?

An "entity" originally meant "Being," "existence. " "Id" being the unconscious force from which the force of our psyche originates. However, when you look up "Identity" on the internet, it only goes back to the Latin "Idem," meaning "sameness." I would need a complete Oxford English Dictionary to get the story all the way back, to our original guttural utterances, as this word is older than Latin, as most root words, and words that deal with states of being, are. And I think this explanation of origin, as I have found so far, is incomplete. Sameness with what? Probably the living thing.

When we speak colloquially and other ways about our "Identity," we have a concept of it being "who we are." And when we lose our identity, we lose our concept of "who we are." This definition seems to be hard-wired in our brains. I don't think anyone has a problem understanding what it means to "lose their identity," or understanding the feeling that they "cannot express their identity." I cannot concur with what I found on the internet, which does not break down the word into a prefix and root, or offer an analysis of the word as a compound noun. "Entity" is a word in itself, so I would venture that "Id" is a word in itself, as used in psychology, and we have a compound noun in the word "identity," with the hyphen that would have been needed, lost over time.

That being said, a name, while being a proper noun, while being part of our "identity," is also an "appellation," or something attached as a descriptor, to identify a particular "person," and hence, has the force of an adjective. That's where the idea of "adjective-pronoun" probably comes in, with a Pronoun defined as something that takes the place of a noun, or "person, place or thing." Circuitous, but interesting. When we trademark our name, it becomes a "thing" that has to have permission to be used. In other words, it becomes a "fact," as it's a "thing." Trademarking your name is part of what we are supposed to do to protect ourselves.

Punctuation has the effect of setting apart. So, by punctuating your name, you are setting it apart from other things, and other thoughts. A "thing" is a fact. A thought, is a "thing," and therefore a "Fact." As opposed to a descriptor, or adjective, describing a thing, as separate and different from some other "thing."

Therefore, I would concur with the statement, "Punctuate your name (i.e. jones: john-henry) because it makes you a fact, not an adjective pronoun FICTION."

And so I conclude my preliminary analysis.

Anna Theresa Balash, B.A. English, M.S. Education


U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual]
[Chapter 3 - Capitalization Rules]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office, www.gpo.gov]

Trade names and trademarks 3.25. Trade names, variety names, and names of market grades and brands are capitalized. Some trade names have come into usage as generic terms (e.g., cellophane, thermos, and aspirin); when reference is being made to the formal company or specific product name, capitalization should be used.


Proper nouns such as your name should only be spelled with the first letter capitalized only. ...Corporations are spelled with CAPITAL LETTERS. Your name in all CAPITAL LETTERS (the STRAWMAN) is a corporation set up for you by the UNITED STATES Corporation. Another truth is that your Federal Government is a Corporation. Your ALL CAPITAL LETTER name represents the corporate way you are identified by the Government. The Government is considered a corporation, and they cannot deal with the real person, us/body/flesh and blood. So they needed a conduit, or let's just say a STRAWMAN so it can connect us to the fictional Government we know and love today. So this CONDUIT/LIAISON is our LEGAL NAME (STRAWMAN) and it is written in all CAPS. By: Kenneth

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