What All Free Men Want, By: Hartford Van Dyke,

Non-Union Lawyer

All American men want to be free from British Feudalism, free from the ownership of land by the Crown, free from the control of land by lords, free from the slavery of serfdom.

Feudalism is not only a social system; it includes also a legal system populated by attorneys, those in the British social class system who are above the rank of a gentleman and below the rank of a knight. The attorneys are given the title of nobility of "esquire." Attorneys are the mercenary paper pushing soldiers of the Crown. It takes a certain kind of social vacancy, insensitivity, and/or stupidness to qualify the occupation of "attorney".

Attorneys are not really lawyers. They don't practice law, they practice attornment. British attornment is the feudal ceremony or process of attorning or turning a property or land over from one lord to another lord while moving the serfs or tenants or slaves along with the land. Generally, even today, attornment is the legal (but not necessarily lawful) method of maintaining the class structure by keeping the rich rich, and the poor poor. That is, it is the method of keeping the rich (wealthy) in power and keeping the poor in subjugation or slavery. The attorney's role in American Law is the same as it is in British Law. Attorneys are subtly selected and trained to have the same role in the United States of America. Generally, they are not aware that they are learning, practicing, and promoting British Feudalism, the foundation of which is laid by the American Public School System.

A lawyer, on the other hand, practices law, believes in, practices, and promotes the free exercise of intelligence, reason, invention, and conscience to provide liberty and justice for all (with equal opportunity to have access to liberty and justice) and to take special care that the weak shall not be oppressed by the strong (the code of Hamurabi), so that man's powers of intelligence, reason, invention, and conscience will not be trampled by the unreasoned and greedy forces of other men and/or governments.

A lawyer protects: labor, the right to labor and the laborer's right to the fruits of his or her labor, the right to contract (by the use of contracts), the right to demand responsible specific performance (by the use of distresses), the right to demand payment of a debt and to collect a debt (by liens), and protects the social strength which arises from the mutual and reciprocal right to the equal protection of the law, and protects all of these commercial rights to the extent of the destruction of all social class distinctions.

The law which a lawyer promotes is the commercial law of fair and equal opportunity of laboring, buying, selling and trading, without monopoly.

Clearly then, the attorney and the lawyer practice opposite systems of social reward for labor, and there is no such thing as an "Attorney-at-Law," unless, by the term "law", the attorney is referring to feudal law.

Shortly after the American Civil War, several labor and resource institutions or associations were established in the United States to return the control of America to the monied elite, especially to the monied British Elite. In 1878 our American legal system came under the control of a Labor Union known as the BAR ASSOCIATION.

Consequently, our courts have become closed union shops. Our judges have become the union bosses of those courts. These judges are overseen by a principal union boss or union superintendent, a Supreme Court justice of the State.

Attorneys control everything of importance in government, the Bar Association controls the Attorneys, and the monied elite control the Bar Association.

The Bar Association Labor Union only allows union "Lawyers" called "attorneys" to use the publicly tax-financed courts. The public is thus prevented from making full use of the tax financed Justice System which it has paid for through its taxes. Instead, those taxes are fraudulently used for the private transactions and accommodations of the Union "Lawyers" or attorneys, by providing courts as a privately used public office space to do business as a Union Labor Hall or Local (Union Local), with Local Rules, called the "Local Rules of the Court" which have no proven or demonstrated basis in commercial law, common law, or statutory law.

The ultimate objective of the Bar Association is to overthrow the Government of the United States of America and its Constitution, and to re-establish an incontestable form of British Feudalism in America and the rest of the World which will eventually become the New World Order.

Free Men want the Bar Association to be abolished, and the Commercial and Common Law Systems of the United States of America and its Constitution to be totally reinstalled.

Hartford Van Dyke
Non-Union Lawyer
P.O. Box 3100
Battle Ground, WA 98604
(360) 687-5680

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